In this directory, we publish information on arts awards in a variety of topics. Many consider art's goal to be the influence of the art observer. It is meant to affect him or her in a way that incites a reaction and a reflection. Awards for arts are given typically based on this measure. However, art awards present a challenge. These internal effects on the observer are difficult to measure and are not scientific. Awards take on this challenge through several means. They may invite judgment from a committee of experts, from the critical media, or from the public consumers. As a result, the aggregate opinion helps to determine whether art is good and if it rises to greatness. Popular awards for the arts include the Nobel Prize for Literature. This global award, presented since the beginning of the twentieth century, is given annually to an author who produces the most outstanding work. The ceremonies take place in Stockholm, Sweden. Another set of awards, the Academy Awards, are focused on candidates who have achieved excellence in film. The symbol of the awards, the Oscar, is a small, gold-plated statuette. They are given by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in areas that include best film, best leading actor, best leading actress, and best supporting cast. While these are some of the most prominent awards in the arts, almost every art form, from comedy to music to advertising, has developed its own system for recognizing its industry's accomplishments.

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