Graphic Design

Graphic design is the purposeful application of a creative, artistic process. More specifically, graphic design is a way of communicating and presenting a message to a specific audience. Companies hire graphic designers for a variety of projects. A common one is the creation of a logo or branding that will project the company’s message to everyone who sees it. Integrating meaning into this design goes beyond drawing an interesting picture. Much of the graphic design process includes understanding the audience from a marketing perspective, especially the underlying desires that drive purchases. For this reason, high-quality graphic designers work hand-in-hand with clients to ensure that they know the intent of their work. Other graphic design projects include websites, printed publications, advertisements, and packaging. Each presents a different opportunity and challenge because they are dissimilar in their formats and in how the audience interacts with them. Our Graphic Design directory offers links to providers with the experience you need for your projects. On many sites, you can review their portfolios of work and make introductory contacts to begin the hiring process. Other sites empower you with the ability to try your own hand at graphic design. They share advice and give tutorials in how to design your own projects. They also link you to important tools of the trade, like graphic design software, so that you can bring your ideas to life. Start your artistic endeavor right by taking a look at the websites linked in our Graphic Design directory.

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