Every summer you purchase a few books to take with you to the beach and pool. You know that a great book can keep you engaged and entertained for hours on end without even getting out of your chair. Whether it is a fiction novel about a spy who gallivants around the globe or a nonfiction novel that offers up information on each of the United States presidents, each keeps your attention from the beginning until the very end. The power of literature, or the art of written works, is truly amazing when you think about books and how much people expect out of them. Literature is so important to today’s’ human that technology companies have developed book readers like the Kindle that allow you to download hundreds of books into one small device that can be carried anywhere. A great work of literature can take you to a magical land or help you understand how chemistry works. The importance of written works cannot be understated and one can see that just by looking at global book sales of both fiction and nonfiction. In our directory on literature we will cover the history of writing and even dive into poetry, prose, essays, novels and oral literature. You will even be given access to links on each specific genre including epic, lyric, drama, romance, satire, tragedy, comedy and tragicomedy. Our directory on literature will have you prepared to either write a book or read one like you never have before.

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