Painting has changed dramatically throughout the decades based on changing ideas, religion, politics and society. As a visual art, painting is one of the oldest since it could be done on basically any surface including walls, paper, clay, caves, wood and even concrete. Each decade since the beginning of time seems to always have its own painting styles based on contemporary art of the time and the 21st Century is no different. You don’t see as many mythological figures or biblical scenes these days but instead you see a new vibe from artists that can be found on objects like mixed panel, street signs and other non-traditional surfaces. These surfaces are then often covered with abstract shapes, objects and splashes that depict anything from sporting events and arenas to political affiliations and even abstract contemporary images of things like trees, flowers and more. In our directory on painting we publish information covering the history of painting and how it ebbs and flows as well as the different types of painting tools and surfaces and even histories most famous painters. You will also have access to links that can help you reach resources on how to express yourself using paint and why it is such a powerful form of visual art. The next time you are putting together a painting and are trying to decide whether or not to incorporate materials like clay, sand or leaves – visit our directory on painting for help along the way.

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